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Best Portable AC

Which one is the best portable AC or split AC

Which one is best portable ac or split ac | Ductless mini-split vs portable ac | Split air Conditioner | Portable air conditioner

Alright guys, Today I’ll be talking about Which one is the best portable AC or split AC? Now I know you guys must have a lot of questions in your mind and I’m here to clear any doubt and everything about portable AC and split AC.

We have already talked about the window air conditioner and portable air conditioner differences. We have also talked about which is better and what are the pros and cons of both window and portable air conditioner.

Window air conditioners are old they are the ones who first came into the market as an air conditioner. People used to really like window air conditioners back then and still, it has a lot of craze in people because it has a high power cooling ability. Then all of sudden the whole attention went from the window air conditioner to the split air conditioner.

Because of its great and slim body structure, people start loving it. Then obviously portable air conditioners came into the limelight since then there’s always been a competition amongst them.

What is a portable air conditioner and how does it works?

Which one is the best portable AC or split AC

LG 14000 BTU portable air conditioner is the new game-changer item which has made its place in the electronic world. Which one is the best portable AC or split AC

Since the day it has come out it has been making a lot of buzzes because it’s very easy to use and install unlike window and split air conditioners.

PROS of portable air conditioner


Many people think that LG 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner doesn’t have energy like window and split AC. But there are mistaken portable AC energy is just amazing you can use it all day long without worrying about its health.

Floor Space

Most of the people think that it’s a bad thing that portable air conditioner takes floor space. Let’s look at the bright side of it.

I know a portable air conditioner takes a little bit of your floor space but you can also move it around easily since it comes with wheels. If your sitting in your hall and all of a sudden you start feeling hot.

And your portable ac 14000 BTU is placed in a room then you could just easily drag it to your hall to get some cooling in the hall as well.

Unit cost

The portable air conditioner unit cost is less than split air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are very affordable anyone can afford it unlike window and split air conditioners.


1.5 ton portable ac is very easy to use and install. All you need to do is put its exhaust pipe outside of the window that’s it you’ll be good to go. This way you’ll save a lot of money on installing an air conditioner unlike 1.5 ton ducted mini split you’ll have to spend a good amount of money on it’s installing only.

What is a split air conditioner and how does it work?

In today’s day and age, 1.5 ton mini split air conditioner considered the fancy air conditioner and it is made up of 2 unit air conditioners. One unit will be inside and another unit will be outside its backside unit will throw hot air outside. Which was made during the cooling process inside cold air will come inside and hot air will go outside. This is how it works

PROS of Split Air Conditioner

Energy Efficient

One of the best things about LG 1.5 ton split ac is that it’s energy-efficient. That’s why these split air conditioners are considered very much powerful.

Cooling power ability

They have the ability to cool up the large places in just a few minutes only it doesn’t take much for 1.5 ton ductless mini split air conditioner to cool up your places. The other best thing about it is also split air conditioners don’t take a lot of electricity, so your electricity bill will be in the limit as well.


Many people worry about the electricity bill before buying a 14000 BTU mini split air conditioner. They think it will take electricity just like window air conditioners. but it’s not true since Split air conditioners are way better than window air conditioners.

No Floor Space

This split air conditioner doesn’t take any floor space at all. But you can not move it around like portable air conditioners.

CONS of Split Air Conditioner


Split air conditioners are expensive and the cost of split ac 1.5 ton is the biggest turn down ever. These air conditioners don’t come cheap like portable air conditioners.

A guy from a middle-class family wouldn’t able to afford it because split AC installation also costs a good amount of money.


The reason why portable air conditioners are better than split AC is that they don’t need installation. Unlike split air conditioner you just need two or three men to carry a single split air conditioner.

Then you must break the wall according to its body dimensions. Then lift up the split AC which is very heavy you need 3 men to carry it and by mistake, if it falls then it would break in half.


The worst thing that air conditioners can have is having a lot of noise. Split ac back unit makes a lot of noise and it can disturb your neighbor’s as well. Most of the time what happens is when you buy a new split AC your neighbors tend to get disturbed a lot.

So, therefore a portable air conditioner is much better at noise because it doesn’t make any noise outside. so your neighbor won’t have any problem no matter how much you use it nobody would know anything because it’s noise doesn’t go outside at all. Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Type


Is portable AC better than split AC?

There will be a differences between portable ac and split ac and you can’t deny it. Split ac are mostly for larger spaces and rooms. On the other hand we have portable ac which is known for easy to use and easy to install.

Usually, What happens is people tend to misunderstood portable ac as they’re only for smaller places. But that’s not the truth portable air conditioners take time to cool up the larger place. But they do their job to cool up larger spaces very well.

Which is the best AC or cooler?

You just can’t compare AC with a cooler because AC is considered more powerful and cooler is not that much powerful. Because cooler has a fan system in it and AC has a dehumidifier, fan, and etc.

Now talking about which is the best AC then I would suggest you check out this one LG Portable Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU. Hope you’ll like it.

Is portable AC successful?

Portable AC has proved themselves to the world over and over again. It is the best portable AC ever and are very successful.

In 2020 all the portable ac are successful and doing well.

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