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TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Have you been looking for an honest TOSOT 8000 BTU portable air conditioner review and just couldn’t find one? Then, Don’t worry because I’m here to provide you with some unique and valuable information which you just can’t miss.

I know there are a lot of tosot portable air conditioner reviews available online. But, my review would be different from others. Because I believe in providing the best and important information about the product to my viewers.

Many people out there see reviews of a product which they want to purchase. Seeing the reviews before purchasing a specific product is a great idea and nowadays every customer does that.

TOSOT is one of the best portable air conditioning today and they have competed with the best brands in the business like KORYO, De Longhi, Samsung, LG, and Haier.

Its quality and performance have always been on top of the game, No matter where you use it in the world. People who have used tosot air conditioner are very well aware of its high quality and overall performances.

No bad reviews have been given to Tosot portable air conditioner in the last following years. This is very rare to see because not many portable ac has this kind of great quality overall.

And Also, I’ll be telling you guys everything about it as mentioned below.

Table of Content
1. About The Product In Details
2. How much electricity does a 8000 BTU portable air conditioner use
3. What size room will an 8000 BTU AC cool
4. Who makes Tosot AC?
5. Review Video

About The Product In Details

Now all your doubts will be cleared here because I’ll be talking about TOSOT 8000 BTU portable air conditioner review in detail.

TOSOT 8000 BTU portable air conditioner
  • Powerful Cooling – Cooling is the main thing in a portable ac If the cooling of a portable air conditioning is not good. Then nobody is going to buy it or recommend it to anyone, But Tosot ac cool spaces up to 300 square feet along with ASHRAE-rated 8,000 BTUs of cool air it is perfect for your home.
  • Easy Installation – This machine is very easy to install at your place I have seen many portable air conditioners that give a very hard time for their buyer while installing. Tosot portable air conditioner installation takes only 15 minutes. Both types of horizontal vertical sliding windows can be used to install this portable ac machine. If you’re having a hard time installing it then our tosot portable air conditioner manual instructions can help you.
  • Not Noisy: This product is super quiet and peaceful and you can easily sleep through the night with a small peak noise level of 49-50 decibels on the low fan speed option. You can also set it to the sleep option and set the temperature accordingly. Most of the portable air conditioners make a lot of noise while they’re on.
  • 1 Product and 3 uses – This is a full-on 3 in 1 machine and it’s not only a portable Air conditioner. But, can also work as a fan and dehumidifier and it is capable of removing 2.3 pints (Which is 1.1 liters) of water per hour. Tosot’s drier air feels 10x much cooler than humid air and it allows your portable AC to work more consistently and efficiently.
  • Easy To Move – This product is very easy to move from one place to another. It has small tiny wheels which makes it easy for an owner to move their portable air conditioner machine from one place to another. If you purchase this portable ac you won’t face any moving difficulties at all.
✅ Pro
Warranty Description1 Year Warranty
1 Product, 3 UsesThis is not only a Portable AC but also a fan and dehumidifier capable of removing 2.3 pints(1.1L/hour) of water per hour.
Super duper QuietSleep through the night with a peak noise level of 49 decibels on the low fan speed.
X-Fan Technologywhen activated, the X-Fan will keep the fan spinning at a slow, silent speed
❌ Con
Nothing found yet……

How much electricity does a 8000 BTU portable air conditioner use

I know thousands of people have this question in their minds but they don’t really get the exact answer to it. Because a lot of people don’t like to reveal their electricity bills to anyone. This is the reason why people back off from purchasing a portable air conditioner.

tosot air conditioner

But, don’t worry I’m here to help you and tell you the exact answer of How much electricity does a 8000 BTU portable air conditioner use?

For 8000 BTU per hour, the energy consumption will be approximately about 650 watts while it’s on. Suppose if the outside temperature is 110 degrees, Then your portable ac unit will run 80% to 85% of the time. Consumption would be 375kwh which would cost you around $40-$45 a month. Hope you got the answer you were looking for.

What size room will an 8000 BTU AC cool

Nowadays this question has become one of the most asked questions ever and today I will also be answering it for my readers.

What size room will an 8000 BTU AC cool

No matter how big or the small room you have. This tosot portable air conditioner will work excellently great in any kind of room’s sizes.

Here’s the simple BTU based on room sizes ( 350 sq. ft. = 8000 BTU’s = 1,400 sq. ft.). I hope you got your answer.

Who makes Tosot AC?

The ones who make tosot air conditioners are Gree electric appliances company. They have been in the industry since 1991 and have been providing some great quality air conditioners.

People have been satisfied with their qualities of portable air conditioners for many years now.

Review TOSOT portable AC VIDEO

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