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Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer

Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer | thermocore portable air conditioner | best portable air conditioner

The offer I’m bringing for you is a unique one Because you don’t usually see these great types of offers online.

Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer is here for you,

I know nowadays there aren’t any good offers online and if there are any offers on portable air conditioners. I can bet that they aren’t genuine at all.

Nowadays it is hard to get real genuine offers on portable air conditioners. Usually, people scam other people in the name of offers.

But the offer that I’m bringing you is genuine and 100% legit. Do not miss out on this one, I know many people regret afterward so, therefore, I’m here bringing you this amazing product.

Thermocore is a well trusted company with hundreds of portable air conditioner’s products, they have been around for a while now and have won many hearts.

The brand Thermocore’s product quantity is not much, because they only produce quality products. Their main focus has always been quality over quantity anytime.

There are unlike those brands who produce way too many products without focusing on quality, if you don’t focus on quality of the product then i don’t think anybody would like your products at all.

So, now I’ll be telling you in detail about the Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer. Get it now at less price since it is an offer season.

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Product’s details & Informations

Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner offer

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  • BTU – If you were wondering about its BTU then it is portable ac 14000 BTU air conditioner which is considered very powerful and strong. It also has 7,000 BTU SACC rating cooling areas capacity up to 700 sq ft portable air conditioner feet is considered quite large; it can easily cool up your place in just a few minutes only.
  • Item Weight – I know product weight matters a lot when it comes to moving the portable air conditioner from one place to another. But it is not stiff at all. It is very friendly and easy to move because it is only 86 pounds, Which is very easy and normal to move.
  • Color – For some people the color of portable air conditioners matters a lot, they just want some eye-catching colored products. Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner’s color is white.
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty – This product comes with a 1-year parts warranty and labor warranty as well. If something happens in the future they can easily exchange the parts and labor because the whole product is in warranty. I don’t think any brand would give this much warranty on a single product, but the Thermocore brand is doing it for you.
  • Remote LED Display – This product’s remote comes with an LED display in which you can easily check the temperature, modes, and all other settings as well. The LED display on the remote makes it very easy for everyone to use the Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner.
  • 4 Modes – It’s 4 modes are breathtaking. These 4 modes are for your own comfort and these are cool, dehumidify, fan, heat. These 4 modes are especially for your comfort.
  • HeaterAuto – This is a unique feature that is being introduced by thermocore itself, This heater auto feature is about 4000 watt. It air swingAuto restart single hose & self-evaporating operation24 Sleep modeMulti-directional.
  • Casters window & Installation – Along with the portable air conditioner comes with casters included window/patio installation kit. These casters windows and patio installation kit makes for an owner to install it easily. Without these things, it gets way too hard to install a Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner. I see many facing installation problems while trying to install a portable air conditioner in their place. Hopefully now with this casters window and patio kit, you won’t face any problem at all.
  • Power Cord – The length of a power cord is about 1.8m (5.9ft) which can be easily plugin. You won’t have to worry about anything else and the power cord is about 115V/60Hz. Now you can easily plugin and out no matter. How far your portable air conditioner is you can easily plugin with a length of 1.8m.
  • Wattage & Voltage –  Since everyone just wants to know the wattage and voltage of a portable air conditioner. Then here it is, Wattage is 1580 watts and voltage is about 115.0. I hope now you will be able to buy a great portable air conditioner with great wattage and voltage.


How many watts is a 14000 BTU portable air conditioner?

Watts plays a huge role in portable air conditioners. Because people ask about watts before purchasing an actual portable AC.

Watts makes a huge impact on electricity bills and therefore 14000 BTU portable ac is 1340 Watts and 120 Volts.

What is the best 14 000 BTU portable air conditioner?

Now let me tell you about the best 14 000 BTU portable air conditioner. In my opinion there are a lot of great 14000 btu portable AC available in the market.

But the one which I recommend is Thermocore T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU portable Air conditioner. It is the best one on the market.

What is a good Btu for a portable air conditioner?

Well, It really depends on you which BTU portable air conditioner you want to go for. The higher BTU is the more powerful it would be.

You can also go for 5,000 or 8,000 BTU but these portable AC with less BTU won’t be that much powerful. Therefore, I highly recommend 14,000 BTU portable AC because they are very powerful and has a good cooling capacity along with other feature as well.

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