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Samsung Portable Air Conditioner India

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Best Samsung Portable Air Conditioner India 2020 Samsung is a huge company, it’s a worldwide famous brand and people love it’s amazing products because it comes with high quality.

There are a bunch of different types of companies that produce portable air conditioners but their quality is not equal to Samsung’s quality because Samsung has been in the game for a long time and the world knows it very well.

Therefore, I’m going to be sharing my personal opinion on Samsung Portable Air Conditioner India. I’ll also share the Samsung Portable Air Conditioner price in India and how many people are liking it. You’ll see the product’s price on portable ac Amazon India. Everything is mentioned below and the portable air conditioner India price is also mentioned below in rupees.

Opinion on Samsung Portable Air Conditioner

samsung portable air conditioner

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Back in the day when Samsung was new to the world, it was hard for Samsung’s owner to sell the products because people didn’t use to believe in its company quality

But, as the days pass people start loving portable ac Samsung and start purchasing its products all over the world and today it’s a worldwide brand. Samsung Portable air conditioners in India are in huge demand. Indians seem to love it because it is easy to use and easy to fit in rooms and halls and portable acs in India are in huge demand.

Basic things you need to know about Best Samsung Portable Air Conditioner India 2020

All you need is a pipe and a few other essentials which come along with a Samsung portable air conditioner. Now I know the demand for split and windows air conditioners are decreasing as the day passes by and demand for portable air conditioners is increasing day by day.

Now I know many of you might be wondering about the prices of these amazing Samsung portable air conditioners. Well, the prices are available in every budget so you don’t need to worry about the prices

Is Samsung Portable AC Successful In India

I know many of the Indians might be thinking before buying a Samsung portable AC in India, is it successful in India? Well, let me tell you that Samsung portable ACs are super successful in India. It can cool the room quickly if your room is a little smaller than it’s really good for you because it will cool your room in just a few minutes.

Pros of Samsung Portable AC

The 1-ton Samsung portable air conditioner costs around 30-40 thousand rupees it also comes with 2-3 year of warranty and the compressor takes around 3 minutes to turn on and Samsung portable AC doesn’t throw water but the exhaust and hot air need to go out somehow, therefore, you need to put a big fat pipe behind it to take out all the hot air and throw it out but you need to put that pipe out of the window then only your Samsung portable AC hot air will go out and it needs to be a 1-meter distance between the AC and pipe.

Cons of Pros of Samsung Portable AC

Now connecting a pipe to a window is a little bit tricky because it is not easy. You need to put a circle whole in it. Especially in India, the windows open sideways which makes it more difficult to put a pipe on it but you can call a Samsung portable air conditioner installer he would install the pipe into the window easily because they’re aware of the problem. It’s their profession to fix these kinds of problems that most people face when installing a portable air conditioner, especially in India.

Top 3 Best Samsung Portable Air Conditioners In India 2020

In today’s day and edge, most of the people in India have air conditioners in their house but there are also few people who don’t have AC at all.

They look for cool air but cool air alone is not enough to be cold because that cold air doesn’t reach every room there and the situation becomes worse when you don’t have an AC and the guests visit your home then it gets hotter in your rooms and nobody wants to stay in hot rooms.

Therefore I’ll show you the best Samsung Portable Air conditioners and investing a good amount of money in Air conditioners are very profitable because these Samsung portable ac unit are beneficial for the long term.

These portable AC are easy to move it’s not like spilled or window that you can’t move it easily in and out you can also move it easily from one room to another, for example,

If your kid’s room is super cold and your kids feel super cold then you could just easily move it out of the kid’s room and place it in your room without worrying about the construction of a wall just like you need to do for split and window AC. I have listed below few best Samsung Portable Air Conditioners In India 2020 and also dual hose portable air conditioner India.

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

This blue star portable air conditioner is super especially because it has an anti-dust filter in it. This anti-dust filter is super useful because it purifies the air from bad bacteria, dust, virus and it gives clean fresh air you don’t need to worry about dusting it because it will automatically do that for you.

It also has another specialty as well and that is auto climate change technology it sets AC temperature according to the temperature of outside. If your city climate is hot then automatically it will increase the cooling of a portable air conditioner and if your city climate is cold then it will reduce the cooling of AC a little bit.

Whynter BTU Dual Hose Samsung Portable AC


This Whynter portable AC has three amazing functions that can not be found in other AC the first amazing feature it has is a fan which will be super beneficial for its user and the other amazing function is it has a humidifier at the same time will be double useful for its user.

It can cool up the area of 500 square feet which is unique because usually Samsung portable AC doesn’t cool up the area up to 500 square feet and it also has a dual filter carbon and air filter as well as the big washable air pre-filter. It also has a remote which will be very easy for you to adjust the temperature according to you.

Honeywell HL Series 14000 Samsung Portable AC

Honeywell HL Series 14000 Samsung Portable AC
Honeywell HL Series 14000 Samsung Portable AC

Just like other AC, it has its own different features and specialty but the one thing it has that no other AC has and it is Style and body.

It has a very sleek body and looks so attractive and it is more suitable for big rooms not small because it can cool up the area of 550 feet easily because it is so powerful and it does not need an installation because it comes with four wheels which you can easily place it anywhere,

Also has a sleep mode option as well when you sleep you could just press a sleep mode on the button and it will start it’s sleeping mode according to human body temperature and you won’t require a venting kit or hose exhaust since it is pre-installed in it.

It has a full remote-controlled system so you won’t need to worry about anything else.

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Are portable AC good?

If this question is troubling you and you don’t know the exact answer to it. Then I suggest you listen to me very carefully,

Portable AC has been in the business and in the market for a while now and has always been on the top when it comes to comfort air conditioners. They have delivered the best quality over the years and it is portable which is very easy to use and install.

So if you’re wondering whether to buy it or not then I highly recommend you purchase a portable AC. Which will give you the comfort that you are looking for in a portable AC

Are Samsung AC good?

Samsung is on the top when it comes to electronics and has a very good brand value all over the world.

It is a trustworthy brand and its AC is also known for its great quality. When it comes to cooling.

They have also come up with their new style of innovative AC designs. Which are creating a lot of buzz recently.

Samsung is trying their best to fulfill its customer’s wishes and their customers are also very satisfied with the brand. So Samsung AC is way too good, just trust me.

Do portable air conditioners have to be drained?

Just in case if you don’t know How Do Portable Air Conditioner Drain Water, Then don’t worry i’ll tell you about it below.

It only happens sometimes, In most cases, your portable air conditioner will not need to be drained.

Because portable air conditioners use a condensation exhaust system to wash out. The water vapor collected during the dehumidifying and cooling process.

This moisture is released only through the exhaust big hose along with its hot exhaust air. By this process, your portable air conditioners will not be drained. You will be satisfied with your portable AC, Without worrying about anything else

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