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Portable air conditioners – 7 Tips About You Can’t Afford To Miss

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Now let’s talk about Portable air conditioners – 7 Tips About You Can’t Afford To Miss. Nowadays everyone seems to love portable AC because it’s very comfortable to use as the world gets more technical and modern. Air conditioners are kinda new to the world

Overview of portable air conditioner

It’s only been like maybe less than 100 years because back in the days there used to be no airconditioner 1.5 ton and the people used to spend summers without air conditioners. They used to suffer more if we compare them to today’s peoples. Today 80% of people can’t live without Air conditioner because they’re used to it and 20% of people are those who can’t afford to have an air conditioner. Portable air conditioners – 7 Tips About You Can’t Afford To Miss

People are already in love with air conditioners but now the world is introduced to portable air conditioners. These kinds of Air conditioners can be carried anywhere and anytime. Many people purchased it right away when it came out. It has many different kinds of unique styles and shapes.

When you want to move out of the house you could just hand-carry these portable air conditioners with you in your car without worrying about its wires and the whole structure like a normal air conditioner has.

These Samsung 1.5 ton split ac are super comfortable and easy to use it only needs electricity once you plug in the wire in the switch it starts on but, you need to keep one thing in mind is you should always face the backside of portable air conditioners to the window because it helps its heat to go outside quicker.

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Portable air conditioners - 7 Tips About You Can't Afford To Miss
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1. Don’t Place Portable air conditioner in big rooms

I see many of the people place portable air conditioners in very big rooms and halls but there’s no use since it won’t cool the entire place it’s cooling will only be surrounding in its capacity small area only so, place portable air conditioners in small rooms only it’s recommended by experts and the owner itself.

2. Put portable air conditioner near the window and in the right place

The reason I advise you to place the portable air conditioner near the window is that sunlight comes straight from the window and it touches the portable air conditioner directly and it starts giving more cold air. So always place the portable air conditioners in the right place.

3. Buy a portable air conditioner during fall of winter

Now many people might think that I’m kidding but it’s not true. I know people buy portable air conditioners during the summer because it gets too hot. But in the fall of winter, nobody even thinks of purchasing an air conditioner because during winter it gets too cold.

Purchasing portable air conditioners during the fall or winter is the best time because the price of portable air conditioners decreases and the owners of portable air conditioners give a 30-50 % discount as well.

4. Buy a normal size of portable air conditioner

The reason I say to buy a normal size portable air conditioner is that the smaller size portable air conditioners are easy to place instead of big size portable air conditioners.

If you have a big size of portable air conditioner then you should already know how hard it is to place it in your room.

So, it’s better to have a small size portable air conditioner rather than having a big size portable air conditioner.

If you have a small size then it’s very easy to place it anywhere you like you can even move it easily by hand from one place to another.

5. Maintenance of portable air conditioner

You don’t need to do too much maintenance of a portable air conditioner because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. All it requires is draining the collected moisture away from the inner portable air conditioner. All portable air conditioners pull the moisture away from the air as cool because this is part of the process. There are many ways to clean the moisture. The simple way is to remove it manually by opening it’s a pan and cleaning its moisture or you could use the pump to push up the water and place it into another location that’s all you need to do.

6. Noise level of portable air conditioners

I know many people have this similar question in their mind whether it makes noise or not well, let me tell you something this is a portable air conditioner this is not a window air conditioner. It is so obvious that it will make a little bit of noise because it’s the whole body will be placed inside of your room.

It’s not your window air conditioner which will not make any noise inside of your room. Any kind of machine which generates cool airflow will make some kind of level noise if you’re concerned about the noise of a portable air conditioner then you should look for quieter models available on the market but one thing also you should keep in mind is that models which make loud noise are usually preferred for cooling and those models who make little noise are considered low in cooling.

7. Close the Door

The portable air conditioner works best in closed-doors whether it’s a portable air conditioner or any other air conditioner split 1.5 ton the door should always be closed when it’s on. I know many people complain about AC not cooling their rooms or bedrooms but they tend to forget about closing the door while it’s working, so always close the door before switching it on.

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