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Newair 14100e Portable Air Conditioner 14000 BTU Discount

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Everybody loves Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 btu discount. Am i right? 

There’s not a single human being on this earth who doesn’t love discounts, everyone wants discounts on every product.

But unfortunately, you don’t get discounts on each and every product, Because there are some products on which it’s hard to get discounts.

I know there are a lot of scammers out there who fake about discounts on products, but i’m unlike them.

I believe in honesty, no fake discounts, Therefore I’m bringing you Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 btu discount.

The Newair company has delivered a lot of great products over the years and all of them did very well in the market without disappointing anyone.

It’s all about what people love and over the years people have shown their love for newair brand. 

The reason they love Newair brands is because of their great work and honesty to their customers. They have never been one of those brands that waste their customer’s time and money.

Newair 14000 btu never disappoints their customers at all, Therefore they have been in the business for a while now and have earned people’s trust.

Newair is a brand who have proved themselves by providing quality work to their customers, Their main focus is to earn respect and trust instead of looting their customer’s money as other brands do.

Why you should buy Newair 14100e Portable Air Conditioner

Newair 14100e Portable Air Conditioner 14000 BTU Discount

Now I’ll be telling you why you should buy a Newair portable air conditioner. There have been many debates Among people regarding why Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 BTU is better than others.

We have always seen every brand praising its own products, there’s not a single brand that tells about the cons of their products.

  • Cooling Capacity: If you’re thinking that it doesn’t cool up big rooms then you’re totally wrong my friend. It has a cooling capacity of up to 525 square feet which is just amazing and it will cool up your large space way quickly. I know there are many people who think that portable air conditioners can’t cool up a large area, but by this product, they’re going to be proven wrong.
  • ECO – Friendly: This amazing product also has a very unique feature that is eco-friendly and this feature makes it easy for you to add the water and let the compressor run on low power. Have you ever heard about this feature before? I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard about it before only, This is the first time you’re seeing this feature in a portable air conditioner.
  • Quality Product: This product is made up of quality materials to keep you cool and comfy all day long. Nowadays it’s hard to find quality products like Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 btu. It takes a lot of days and money to make this much quality product. Many big brands out there don’t really spend much money on their product’s quality, Therefore their product’s quality fails to impress the people.
  • Customer Service: Newair customer service has been very impressive over the years and you can blindly trust the brand without worrying about anything else. The satisfaction of customers is everything for the Newair brand.
  • Voltage: The voltage is about 115 volts it becomes easy for a customer to purchase a product if you tell them about the portable air conditioner’s voltage before onwards. Let’s be honest here, the voltage of a product also plays a huge role in saving the electricity bills.
  • Wattage: If you were waiting for Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 BTU’s wattage then it is about 1417 watts. I hope now everything is clear and now you can decide easily if you want this product or not.
  • Warranty: All the products are in warranty especially this Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 btu one. Newair is a brand that you can trust easily without a shadow of a doubt without worrying about scams.

If I have sliding doors only, how can I connect the exhaust

No problem at all. You can still use Newair 14100e portable air conditioner 14000 btu perfectly, But one thing you’ll need to do is extend the window kit up to five feet and additional window kits can be purchased separately.

Having sliding doors is not a problem, you can have it all you want, but you’ll need to adjust it as I mentioned above.

Many people think that portable air conditioners are hard to install but it’s not the case you can install it easily, but you should have knowledge about it. That’s it.

Do I need to use the dehumidifying part? I live in a dry area

Well, It depends sometimes people use it and sometime people doesn’t and if it is already dry then no need to use it.

Usually it gets dry automatically, you won’t have to use it no matter where you live whether it is a hot region or cold region.

Just don’t use dehumidifying part at all.


How many watts is a 14000 BTU portable air conditioner?

To answer this question is very simple, the watts are about 1340 and the volts are 120. Hope this answer helps you in purchasing the portable air conditioner you want.

What is the best 14 000 BTU portable air conditioner?

Well, there are many good 14 000 BTU portable AC available in the market. You can choose any 14 0000 BTU portable air conditioner you like.

But, if you want my recommendation then I would highly recommend you buy Newair 14100e Portable Air Conditioner 14000 BTU.

How many BTUs do I need for a portable air conditioner?

It depends on person to person, which btus you want for your portable AC. The rule is that a portable air conditioner needs at least 20 BTU for each square foot of floor space you’re cooling

It also depends on your room length and width and you’ll have your own cold space. But I recommend buying a 14,000 BTU portable ac because it is very powerful.

How many square feet can a 14000 BTU air conditioner cool?

It has a cooling capacity for 600-700 sq ft and can easily cool up 2 rooms and a small apartment only within a few minutes.

How much does it cost to run a 14 000 BTU portable air conditioner?

Many people have this question in their mind, and it is very common to have this concern in your mind. But, new air conditioners 2020 are not that expensive to run a 14,000 portable AC.

But first, you need to understand converting BTUs to kilowatt-hours, this is the whole process of BTUs. One measurement is equal to one-kilowatt power consumption per hour and a 14,000 BTU unit is 4.1 kwh.

I hope now it will be easy for you to understand how to convert BTU’s into kilowatt perfectly. Then you can easily use your Newair 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner & heater ac-14100h.

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