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Best Portable AC

Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $200

At the moment, when you’re looking for Top 9+ Best Cheap portable air conditioner under $200?

Keep your assumptions within the proper limits. At this value point, you most likely won’t have the option to snag a regular window air conditioner. Window Ac draws air in from an outside perspective and spreads the cold air into your space.

All things being equal, you’ll likely need to opt for an evaporative portable ac unit, called a swamp cooler also, which uses a water tank and moisture-splattered cushions to cool the space.

Evaporative ac unit, at the same time, humidify the air as it cools, which can be extraordinary for hair and skin. They are also usually small and shouldn’t be snagged to a window with an exhaust package, so they are much more compact than your standard “versatile” air conditioning unit.

cheap portable air conditioner

Keep in mind that the more modest the evaporation ac unit, the more modest the overall water tank will be, and the more it needs to be filled from time to time.

Buying Guide and Tips for Choosing A cheap portable air conditioner under $200

If you are seeing for a system to chill off in late spring, the portable ac unit for your home can be a great choice. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of these ac units. So you can choose whether they are fit for your house or warehouse.

The most significant advantage is convenience. The ac units are light in weight, making it simple to transfer in one place in your house and move it anywhere.

The cheap portable air conditioner under $200 unit has rollers to easily carry on hard surfaces such as hardwood floorboards or floorings. This determines that no unusual setup work is required to use it whenever and wherever you need it.

With the late spring heat in a full-wave, this is an ideal opportunity to discuss ways to hold your place cold. The best ac unit for condos is a great answer for those who don’t have focal cooling and need to stay cool all year round.

We should talk about functional AC, why it is so popular, and its pros and cons! We also give a few prescribed procedures for the most skilled methods so you can really focus and go as far as possible.

Consider points when choosing A cheap portable air conditioner under $200

When choosing a portable ac unit, consider some of the factors we will discuss below.

  • Dimension: Firstly, before you purchase an ac unit, you should contrast the Dimension of the BTU with the space you need to chill. Assure that it will be strong amply to calm the place without overstraining it. If you want ac unit for ample space, check out our best portable air conditioner under $200 best for extended areas.
  • Placing: Buy an AC unit that is not difficult to Placing or stock. Take an air conditioner that is easy but actionable and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This takes the headache of thinking about the most appropriate point when you need to apply it.
  • Energy Productivity: Make sure which ac unit you purchase takes low energy production. This is an essential issue to question yourself first while looking for a decent AC unit. Assuming you need to cut energy costs, look for a versatile portable ac unit with a higher Energy Efficiency Rating.

In case you want to save cash and bring your source of fresh air pretty much anywhere, these are the top 10 Cheapest Portable Air Conditioners Under $200 in this list below.

Best Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $200

1. Evaporative Air Cooler, 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner for Room
2. GOFLAME Evaporative Air Cooler, 3-in-1 Portable Tower Fan with Remote Control
3. Evaporative Air bladeless Cooler fan for cooling room | Humidifier 3-IN-1 | 20ft Remote Control
4. SWHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Evaporative Coolers 30″ Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner
5. AIRPLUS 70 Pints 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier for Medium Spaces and Basements
6. BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler
7. Bladeless Fan Tower Fan Portable Electric Standing Cooling Floor Fan
8. COMFYHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Cooler w/Cooling & Humidifier
9. Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Ultra-Portable Personal Air Cooler with 4-Speed Air Vent
10. BREEZEWELL 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Cooler
11. Conclusion
12. FAQs

1. Evaporative Air Cooler, 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner for Room

Portable Air Conditioner for Room
  • Weight – 9.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions – 14.37 x 11.02 x 30.71 inches
  • Element – ‎Plastic
  • Voltage- 120 watts
  • Components – Remote
  • Batteries Need – ‎No

Our first option is Choice Plus cheap portable air conditioner for under $200. Because of climate change, it is very hot in the summer, and you couldn’t stand it. 

Most people don’t have built-in air conditioning because they didn’t want to deal with that and the utility costs of a high BTU ac unit. Those run on high watts and consume too much electricity.

This affordable air conditioner runs on 110 watts at full power. So you don’t have to hand out with the high cost of electricity. The more significant thing is a compressor.

There’s no compressor on this portable ac unit. It delivers cool fresh air through ice-cold water, and you don’t want to have to hear.

Because you know a compressor droning over and over again, so that’s a big problem. You like to be able to study in the daytime peacefully and sleep at night.

So, without further ado, this portable ac comes with excellent features and remote control with all the bells and whistles.

You can have fun with that it also comes with two ice packs. Just fill it with water, throw it in the fridge, take one out, and you can alternate and keep the water cool.

After that throw it in the bottom of the sump in the water to provide cool fresh airflow. And the best thing is this portable ac unit is bladeless, So it is safer for kids and pets and straightforward to operate.

You open the sway at the top of the lid, and you pour water down the top it goes down the hole. Also, there’s a water level indicator in the front to show you how much water is being poured in approximately one gallon.

It delivers and drains down into the second sump at the bottom. The back has a filter screen to filter the dirt or the air before reaching the medium and the cooling pad.

It fills up with water the air sucks through and provides nice cool, fresh air. There’s a handle on the back. There are wheels with swivels on the bottom. You can easily maneuver this unit on the front of the ac.

At the top controls buttons for the on and off switch and three cooling modes.  A timer and a mode for normal and sleep mode and the cooling button that activates the pump to flow through the water of the cooling pad and deliver fresh cold air.

✅ Pros
Bladeless device secure for kids
Quiet motor
Remote control
1-2-4-8 hours timer
❎ Con
Risk of tipping

2. GOFLAME Evaporative Air Cooler, 3-in-1 Portable Tower Fan with Remote Control

Portable Tower Fan with Remote Control
  • Weight – 14 pounds
  • Dimensions – 12.5 x 12.5 x 41 inches
  • Color – ‎White
  • Material – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Voltage – 120 Volts

Our next option on a Cheap Portable AC is an ac unit from GOFLAME that doubles as an air conditioning fan and a non -standard wall that oscillates. Although advertised as a 3 in 1 portable ac unit, it is also a third of the suitable performance for homes about four seasons.

It’s also a problem for homes likely to have dry wind in the wintertime and harvest months.  On top of that amazingly good, it has an entirely new look that goes well with decorations and doubles as a talking piece like wall and paint.

Dissolve water and ice in the machine creating a cooling effect. It has three speeds and four modes to choose from, and all these functions from a remote control come with the unit.

A much simpler 9-hour timer, where most air conditioners are on all the time, this unit uses electricity to save you a fortune of your money each month.

It emphasizes a 4-liter box that can endure water and ice, and in its form like any regular tower, it reaches 31 inches and is charming for its size. Perhaps this portable ac cool design and new features are flawless and safe for homes with little kids and pets.

✅ Pros
Powerful motor
9 – hour timer
Remote control
❎ Con
Low oscillation level

3. Evaporative Air bladeless Cooler fan for cooling room | Humidifier 3-IN-1 | 20ft Remote Control

Cheap portable air conditioner under $200
  • Fan form – Floor Fan
  • Power Expert – AC
  • Unique Feature – Manual
  • Recommended Uses – For Travel
  • Components – Remote
  • Item Weight – ‎15.52 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 30.3 x 13.6 x 12.1 inches

If you are the kind of human being who wants to worth your money, you should take a closer look at this Evaporative Air bladeless Cooler fan portable ac unit. A 3-in-1 AC will keep you safe more than your cost.

This affordable Cheapest Portable Air Conditioner for Under $200 includes a fan, an air conditioner, and an anion humidifier. Also, This model adjusts the air around you to about 360 degrees, working as an excellent built-in air conditioner.

The fan oscillates and acts the same as the other tower blocks. It is also easy to sew on those dry summer days and in the winter when there is not much air in the house. Take a good night’s rest with this in your place.

This portable ac unit feature is three wind modes Normal, Natural, Auto mode, and Sleep. Also, in 3-speed settings, Low, Medium, and High can be fully adjusted to suit your needs and mood.

You can leave this device running for 8 hours, and it will just unplug, so you don’t have to use it longer than you want. This ac comes with a double water tank, and the best part of ac is its bladeless function, which is great for kids and pets. Most people leave their AC running regularly, and it costs more to their energy bill each month.

This Portable Air Conditioner Unit is designed to make you more comfortable while saving you money and a cheap portable air conditioners. You can easily control this Ac with a remote.

Also, it is on wheels, so it is easy to move, and two different comfort pads give it twice as much comfort. And working at 65 W is the best energy saver. It measures 30.3 x 13.6 x 12.1 inches and weighs 15.52 pounds, so it’s lightweight.

✅ Pros
3 speed and three modes
Double ice packs
Large scale swing
Air purifier
Remote control
Perfect height for bed/chair/sofa
❎ Con
It uses little bit more voltage than other

4. SWHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Evaporative Coolers 30″ Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner

SWHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Evaporative Coolers 30" Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner
  • Color – black
  • Components – Remote control, bladeless
  • Timer – 12 Hours 
  • Type – Free Standing
  • Dimensions – 31 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight – 7.27 pounds

This SWHOME 3-IN-1 portable ac choosing the air comprises a black plastic base, central unit, and chimney. Also, It comes with remote control and contains a user manual. The portable ac is 17 inches high and wide 10 inches.

This ac unit is a bit shouting and brings the width of the device up to five inches. Although it consists of white plastic, the front of the component’s color is black, and the buttons are controlled.

Small green LEDs display the selected settings and cheap portable ac under $200. When this device works, the air blows upward to be positioned in the room.

However, the airflow produced by the leaf increases the use of innovations based on bladeless air technology.

Bladeless ac units are more silent, more efficient from an energy point of view, and tend to portray less. Can install the chimney directly on the central unit. Twenty-six inches high and follow the same color top.

This ingredient is six centimeters and a deep half and more than two centimeters wide—the black grill guides airflow for various directions.

Fan settings can be set by using the supplied remote control. With the built-in timer, the user can determine the fan operation, and this device can swing 70 degrees in Swing mode.

There are three methods to fix the cool. In standard mode, the ac blows continuously. Natural and sleep mode, the variation speed varies, the effect of the simulates wind.

✅ Pros
70-degree oscillation
Remote managed
❎ Con
Little heavy

5. AIRPLUS 70 Pints 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier for Medium Spaces and Basements

  • Weight – ‎30.9 pounds
  • Dimensions – ‎25.8 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Capacity – 70 Pints
  • Operation Mode – Sleep, Dry, Laundry
  • Brand – AIRPLUS

Eco-accommodative and Climate Control systems do not regularly go together. Still, this Portable ac unit from AIRPLUS will be your clear advantage in getting excellent cooling in the hottest months while they all fall back on the climate.

This cheap portable air conditioner under $200 unit is produced using a lightweight aluminum composite and has no fan or composite coolant in the evaporation air conditioner.

It is also a vital energy-saver, and only by adding ice or cold water. But, you will undoubtedly appreciate extra chill without the additional costs.

The removable water tank of 1-gallon is not challenging to fill and clean, and keep in mind that the organization mentions how long it can refill; contrasts with different models, you must have a refill after 7.5 hours.

The extraordinary bladeless design, connected to a great motor and makes a reliable, flexible breeze. AIRPLUS says that the blading method also considers easier cleaning and is safer for small children and pets.

The AIRPLUS ac unit has three elements speeds, four flexible cooling, and moisturizing settings, and it accompanies a remote control, so you do not have to stand from the love seat or bed.

For its size, at 25.8 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches, it is also shocking lightweight without wheels -. So if you don’t have any issues with frequent refills, then this cheap portable air conditioner is a fantastic choice for the ecological cognizant.

✅ Pros
Auto defrosting
Multiple modes
Convenient Filter
❎ Con
Boxy pattern

6. BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Type – Free Standing
  • Color – White
  • Dimensions – 35.7 x 14.8 x 10.7 inches
  • Element – Plastic
  • Item Weight – ‎15.45 pounds
  • Components – Remote

This BREEZEWELL cheap portable air conditioner under $200 is an incredibly excellent blowing speed with being a bladeless fan. So maybe you’ve kids in the house you don’t want them to put their fingers in there and get them chopped off.

This ac unit is bladeless, but it does push air out at high speed and has a very relaxed atmosphere. It would have an excellent design. Also, have a lot of different customization.

This unit has three different speed levels low, medium, and high. It has a ton of really cool modes sleep, auto mode, natural, etc. This ac has a temperature inside of it that displays on the screen on the front of it.

Unless you don’t want to when you’re going to sleep, it will turn on and off to keep the actual room at a specific temperature. So once it’s been blowing a long time, cooling down the room.

It is enjoyable to click with this bit of remote, and it’s pretty awesome. It has the on different button speeds it has the auto mode what style you want the oscillation or a timer and those are all a bunch of pros in themselves.

Because you have this handy dandy remote, which includes batteries, this ac unit has an excellent design, and its gloss black is pretty, especially if you have lights up.

On top of it has the same six buttons on the remote, and you can control the same things you can with the remote. This portable ac unit dimension is 35.7 x 14.8 x 10.7 inches and 8-hour timer setting.

✅ Pros
LED lights
Two ice packs
Lightweight and portable
20-ft Remote control
1 Gallon water tank
❎ Cons
Cools a smaller area

7. Bladeless Fan Tower Fan Portable Electric Standing Cooling Floor Fan

  • Speeds – 3,Low, Middle, High
  • Modes – Natural, Normal, Sleep
  • Dimensions – 20.6 x 5.6 x 21.3 inches
  • Type – floor fan
  • Weight – 1.52 pounds

Our next option in the best Portable Ac Under $200 is the Pelonis ac unit. This fan’s features and benefits, despite the price, is one of the best-selling portable ac in the market. Because of the much smaller version but with this one, it does measure a meter high.

So it’s excellent, and it just used multiplier technology that means that it’s bladeless and what you’ll find is that if you have got people in the household or even at work.

Because it is bladeless, then it’s pretty reliable. It does come with a bit of remote control, and it’s really tiny but very effective. The functions on it so, first of all, you got the on, and off button, the next one is the speed and timer.

Also, you’ve got the oscillation button, and while oscillation, this unit throws cool up to 20 feet. Its looks great and brilliant design. 

There are two ways you can turn this on you can either use the remote control or the top left button. The additional step is to push the key on the front.

It is pretty noisy but what you’ll find is there are two ways you can increase or decrease the power on this. First of all, you can use the remote, and the other option is to press and hold the button. 

So if you’ve got it on while you sleep in, then it will do after 7.5 hours that it will switch off. This fan will oscillate and by pressing a button at the top right on the remote control.

That can be a handy feature, especially if you’ve got multiple people that you want to try and cool down. This portable ac excellent compared to some other products.

This unit is straightforward to clean and comes with three-speed settings low, medium, and high. Overall this portable ac unit is one of our best by design.

✅ Pros
Three speeds
Three airflow modes
Large Rotary Speed Control
Fully Assembled
Soft wind
❎ Cons
Airflow small area

8. COMFYHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Cooler w/Cooling & Humidifier

Cheap portable air conditioner under $200
  • Color – White
  • Dimensions – 11 x 10 x 22 inches
  • Voltage – 65 watts
  • Components – 2 Ice Packs, 4 Casters, 1 Remote, two battery
  • Noise – 35 dB
  • Speeds – 3
  • Air Flow – 460 Cubic Feet
  • Weight – ‎11.33 pounds
  • Capacity – ‎1 Gallon

COMFY HOME 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner planned and built a brilliant unit with this one. Besides signifying a portable ac unit, it is an oscillating fan, humidifier, and anion unit. For the hotter months, turn on fan mode, and it will populate like a regular fan.

Append water to the ac and enjoy the cooling impacts of a single forced-air system without worrying about all of the cooling costs. The humidifier will make those dry and cold periods slightly extra tolerable, and the anion framework will adjust the water to consumable drinking water. This portable ac unit is a really stylish 3 in 1 unit that you will use constantly.

The 6-liter large limit water container stops you from continuing water regularly. It features three breeze modes and three fan settings. It has a 12-hour clock if you don’t remember it is on, and it will save you from adding to the bill.

The four wheels at the bottom of the unit make it very simple to move around, and the controller makes it unimaginably valuable for use. Its measurements are 11 x 10 x 22 inches. This portable ac throw cools 460 Cubic Feet and comes with remote control for easy use.

Similarly, Like other cheap portable air conditioners under $200 products, this unit also has three speed settings low, medium, and high. This unit comes with two ice packs, 4 Casters, and comes with user guide. Also, this portable ac weight is just 11.33 pounds, so, it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

✅ Pro
Take only 65 watts
2 Ice Packs
Low Noise
3 Speeds
Ample space Air Flow Capacity
❎ Con
Little Bit heavy

9. Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Ultra Portable Personal Air Cooler with 4-Speed Air Vent

Cheap portable air conditioner under $200
  • Dimensions – 10.28 x 7.99 x 7.09 inches
  • Weight – 2.72 pounds
  • Care Instructions – Hand Wash
  • Assembly Required – No
  • Batteries Needed – No

This Ontel Arctic ac unit is a unique purchase in case you need a little space to cool. We are sure many of you need a fan or forced air system for small spaces like a more modest living room, a seating area, or a workspace, which will work effectively to keep you cool during the day.

End of spring for a long time. Time without racking up a beastly energy or electricity bill. Load the fridge with ice or ice water, turn on this portable air conditioner, and it will separate the cold in practically no time.

This portable ac unit is helpful for regions around 45 square feet, preferably used in a small office or as a single fan. A water cap can last for about 9 hours, so you can use it overnight without waking up and filling the tank.

It may plug into a USB for charging or running, saving you a great deal of cash year after year. Their measurements are 10.28 x 7.99 x 7.09 inches, and they weigh just over 2.72 pounds. Accessible in three magnificent shades.

✅ Pros
Light Weight
Easy to Care
Stylish tiny design
LED lights
Timer 9 hours
❎ Con
Smaller tank

10- BREEZEWELL 3-IN-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Cooler

Cheap portable air conditioner under $200
  • Color – White
  • Dimensions – 11 x 10 x 22 inches
  • Material – Plastic
  • Controls Type – Remote
  • Included Components – 2 Ice packs, 1 Remote control
  • Weight – 9 Pounds
  • Noise – 55 dB

This versatile 3-in-1 climate control system from BREEZEWELL is coupled with a fan, humidifier, and air conditioner, giving you this load of capabilities at a cheap cost. For some person who lives in dry conditions, this is an exceptionally financially smart unit.

The ac appears with three modes wind, humidification, and cooling. BREEZEWELL unites the regular cooling properties of water with a constant breeze to lower temperatures.

It is less expensive to introduce and keep up with the unit, and it will reserve up to 75% of the energy, saving you costs. After all, It is a pleasant current circumstance as it comes without harmful refrigerants and adds moisture to limit air-depleting and dry air manifestations such as annoying eyes, skin, or throat in arid environments.

The 65-degree oscillating fan rotates both upward and on a level plane. While the rollers have a 360-degree rotating wheel that lets you spread the coolness throughout the room.

You can effortlessly roll this machine to an alternate area using the versatile handle. At 55 decibels, the forced air system is generally calm, giving you a favorable climate. For well-being, the sharp edges of your fan can be physically closed to avoid mishaps.

Also, when the water tank evaporates and the machine will emit a signal. For the controls, the portable ac conducts a remote controller that you can use from the ease of your couch or bed.

With the more extreme 12-hour clock, you can constantly use the conditioner without agonizing over it turning off. This cheap portable air conditioner under $200 unit dimension is 11 x 10 x 22 inches and builds with solid plastic. Especially, this unit comes with a remote, so it’s easy to use.

✅ Pros
Cool Large space
Nice design
LED lights
Timer 12 hours
❎ Con
Little bit heavy


If you want to buy a cheap portable air conditioner under $200, we are here to help. We know that window air conditioner is costly, and not every person plans to get AC in general. That is why we have reviewed up a few of the best ac unit models for under $200 so that you can get a great system without choosing to go unnoticed or modest. Because you don’t have window ac in your home isn’t an ideal opportunity to give up your confidence! We will show you what’s possible with the Ten


What is a good inexpensive portable air conditioner?

Owning a prominent among other best portable air conditioners is a must during the warm summer climate. Not exclusively, they will help you stay calm, but since they are compact, you can, without a stretch, move from one space to another and are mostly less expensive than the window ac or split ac.

Whether you need to refresh your workspace, entrance room, or tv lounge, there are the best portable air conditioners that give it to cooling productivity.

Most products will also dehumidify the air and the incredible energy efficiency component, so you will not see a significant expansion on your energy bills.

How can I cool my room down without AC?

  • A  shower takes on different importance come late spring. Flushing off under a surge of lukewarm H20 cuts down the center internal heat level and washes off sweat. So you can get some sleep feeling cool and fresh.
  • When Hot air builds, so set your bed, lounger, or bunk as near the ground as conceivable to beat the heat in a one-story home, that implies pulling the bedding down from a resting space or high bed and putting it on the floor.
  • Light bulbs radiate warmth. Luckily, summer implies it remains light until eight or nine around evening time. Exploit natural light however much as reasonably be required, and keep rooms cool into the evening by utilizing lights insignificantly.
  • Cooldown an entire room by draping a dark wet sheet before an open window. The wind blowing in will rapidly cut down the room’s heat.

Do small portable air conditioners work?

Consider portable air conditioner The cooling decision after all other options have been exhausted. They are superior to a fan—however, a long way from a window ac. That is the thing that consumer reports specialists find reliably in our portable air conditioner Judgment. 

These AC units barely get a room under the boil, not to mention the 78 ° F that is seen as the upper limit of comfort indoors. Portable air conditioners are planned for households in which window arrangements or construction guidelines avoid establishing windows units.

A portable air conditioner is another option, but it is not yet optimal,” says one of the experts who administers the mobile air conditioner tests of consumer reports.

Portable ac units normally are extra extensive, loud, and more costly and use more power. Take into account the truth, and retailers report that disappointed customers return numerous convenient portable air conditioners every season.



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