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Blue Star 1 ton Portable AC Review

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Alright so, today I’ll be giving blue star 1 ton portable ac review. As you might know that I have already talked about the 1-ton air conditioner in the past.

Many people debate about the Portable 1.5 ton Air Conditioner. Some people say that 1 ton is better than 1.5-ton air conditioners but just like any other thing both of them have, its pros and cons. I hope you understand that.

Blue star portable air conditioners are very high-quality AC and their performance is way too high for any other brand’s portable ac to compete.

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1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC
2. Best 1 ton portable air conditioner
3. FAQ’S
4. Review Video

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

blue star 1 ton portable ac review


Its energy is way too good because 1.5-ton air conditioners last longer than 1-ton air conditioners and it also has a high cooling power as well.

A 1.5-ton air conditioner can easily cool up any room or hall no matter what’s the size of space is. It really doesn’t matter whenever you go and buy a 1.5-ton air conditioner you shouldn’t be worried about whether it’s gonna cool up space or not.

If you buy a 1 ton air conditioner your gonna face a lot of problems when it comes to cooling. Because it can only cool up little spaces on the other hand 1.5-ton air conditioner are usually used in hot humid regions like the middle east.

No matter how much hot it is outside 1.5 AC will somehow cool up your place immediately.


As I have already told you in the past that portable air conditioners are very easy to install and use. Without worrying about anything else it’s just that 1.5-ton air conditioner is little heavier than 1 ton.

Portable air conditioner are not that heavy but 1.5 ton is little bit more heavier than 1 ton.


Now let’s talk about portable ac 1.5 ton price now because people are mostly concerned about price whether they can afford it or not. But let me tell you that portable air conditioners are not that expensive whether it’s 1.5 ton or 1 ton.

But you should never worry about the price if you’re going to buy an air conditioner. If you keep worrying about the price then you might get a bad air conditioner but, a portable air conditioner is known for its outstanding performance.


The best thing about it is you can move it whenever you want. Because it is very easy to move it wherever you want since it is a 1.5-ton air conditioner. It has double power which will cool up your place way too quickly because it has more cooling ability.

Best 1 ton portable air conditioner

I’ll tell you the best 1.ton air conditioners available in the market, which you’re gonna love and would want to buy.

1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC (Copper PC12DB White)

portable air conditioner 1 ton
✔️ Pro
Warranty1 year
Portable Ac1 ton capacity
Tank full alarm, Cooling EER (W/W)2.56,Power Input (Watt) :1404
High efficiencyrotary compressor
Dust and anti-bacterialsilver coating
❎ Con
Nothing found yet………….

This portable air conditioner 1 ton is an absolute beast when it comes to cooling. Because it is 3 in 1 Air conditioner/Dehumidifier/Fan and it also has a no-drip technology.

This is the best this no-drip technology helps moisture to cool the air and it also helps the bad hot air to go out through exhaust hose, The humidifier is especially for basement, garage, and wherever the water is in the air. It helps it to remove its moisture.

Also, the fan is powerful because it is 3-speed oscillating fan and it will give the airflow directly to you wherever you need it. And everyone loves it’s LED display which shows you the temperature, speed, and many more options.

This blue star standing ac 1.5 ton also comes with a remote-controlled. Which makes it way easier for you to change it’s settings easily.

This model makes only a little bit of noise which is bearable not that much noise. It won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping trust me and its exhaust tube helps it to remove hot and dusty air.

It also comes with a window attachment closure which so rare not many companies give that but super general provides you with that.

Depth Details

  • Installation type – It is a very simple portable air conditioner that only takes a few floor spaces only.
  • Brand – Blue Star is the best brand available in the market. It has produced many products and all of them are excellent.
  • Air Flow – its airflow is pretty good and you can get it from far away also. Its volume is 382/500/559 CFM which way too powerful.
  • Voltage Rating – its voltage rating is pretty good and normal 220-240 V.  

I hope you all loved my blue star 1 ton portable ac review and you all are satisfied with it.


Which portable AC is best in India?

In India, there are many companies that are delivering portable ac, but the only difference between them and blue star portable is that they’re delivering something unique and different from the other AC.

Blue star portable ac is very famous in India and therefore you should always buy a blue star 1-ton portable ac if you’re in India. Because it has an area capacity of 120 to 180 sq. ft. and plus, it is a 1 ton AC.

Which AC is better blue star or carrier?

This topic has always been the main debate between blue star fans and carrier fans, but let me tell you that blue stars have always been on the top.

Because the price and quality are way too good for a normal portable AC. So if you’re wondering which one to buy then, I highly recommend you to buy a blue star portable ac.

How does portable AC work?

It works excellent and also very easy to use and install, All you need to do is set up the hose and then plug in the wire and switch it on.

There are other air conditioners as well, But they don’t work this much great as portable AC does. Portable AC is known for its easy-to-use and easy-to-install system.

Which one is the best portable AC or split AC

Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Type

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