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Black and Decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white

Black and Decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white | black and Decker portable air conditioner instructions | black and Decker portable air conditioner replacement parts | black+decker portable air conditioner

Overview of the product

Today, we will be talking about Black and Decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white. I know there has been a lot of buzz about it before the release. Many people think black and decker company is not going to produce this much high-quality portable air conditioner but, they are in for a surprise.

The doubters will be shocked when they are going to find out about the features it has, black and decker air conditioner company has been in the business for a while now and they know very well what is good and what is bad for their brand. The majority of the people know how great the company black and decker is because they have seen and used the products of this company and they are very well aware of the capability of the company.

Back in the days when the company black and Decker were starting up, they faced a lot of failures just like every company. But now they have completely changed the game by releasing the new black+decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner, 8,000 btu, white. It is seriously a game-changer for everyone.

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Pros of Black and Decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white

Black and Decker portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white
Black and Decker bpact08wt portable air conditioner 8000 Btu white

I know many portable air conditioners have pros and cons it’s normal to have some good and bad things in it but, this portable air conditioner 8,000 btu has only good things in it. This portable air conditioner is different from others unlike any of those portable AC which has a lot of cons in it.

  • QUIET & POWERFUL – I’m pretty sure you have not heard this before because many of the other portable air conditioners have a very loud sound that disturbs everyone around it. But, this black decker bpact08wt has a quiet fan system that makes absolutely no sound and makes it easier for people to sleep.  Also, An adjustable fan speed cools the air to 65°F at the coolest setting and if you want to make it extra quiet then you can set it to sleep mode which is very beneficial. Also, it is an 8000BTU portable air conditioner, Because portable btu makes a huge impact and difference on black and decker portable air conditioner parts.

  • Best for small rooms – This portable air conditioner makes it easier for any room to cool up quickly. Because it has the capability to make a room, office, apartment, or even living room cool easily this is an AC that is not gonna disappoint anyone. I have seen people compare 1.5-ton window ac size to portable ac 1.5 ton which is totally wrong. Because portable ac 1.5 ton is way different from 1.5-ton window ac size in inches and this 1.5-ton portable ac unit is 8000 btu.

  • Easy and Simple to install – One of the biggest reasons why people like to purchase portable AC is that it is easy to install. All you have to do is place it near a window because you need to put its hose outside. So, therefore you should place it near the window then Attach the included hose (4’ 11”) & window’s adapter, & plug it simply into an outlet. This way it becomes easy to use portable air conditioners. It is unlike an air conditioner split 1.5 ton or window air conditioner 1.5 ton this black and decker 8000 BTU portable air conditioner is very easy to install and use.

  • Remote-controlled easy to use and clean – It is also a remote-controlled portable air conditioner which makes it way easier for you to control it from far away. I know it gets tough sometimes to get up and change the functions according to you, therefore, the company black and decker has come up with a remote function. To clean the filter properly just slide it out once or twice a month then rinse it thoroughly under the running water, & then easily put it back.

Product Information

  • Product size – Many of the people wanted to know the dimensions of the product so here it is. Its dimensions are 16.5 x 11.5 x 26 inches long hope you like its size.
  • Weight- I have heard that many people think portable air conditioners are way too heavy but, it’s not true their weight is just 26 pounds only,
  • Manufacturer – As you, all already know that its manufacturer is from the best black and decker company itself.
  • Batteries required – No you don’t need a battery for it you need electricity for it.


How do you drain a Black and Decker portable air conditioner?

Well, this is a very commonly asked question by people is How do you drain a Black and Decker portable air conditioner? it is not that hard to do so you could also do it without a hose or with a hose most of the people does it with a hose but, today I will tell you how you can do it without a hose. It’s very simple there will be a small hole near a hose you could just open it and let the water be out, but, remember to put a bucket in the back while taking out the water.

Are Black and Decker portable air conditioners good?

Black and decker portable AC are way too good and it has a lot of great customer reviews as well. It is considered one of the best portable AC ever, and people really praise its ability to provide cooling power to any room you want, and overall it is easy to use.

How do you install a Black and Decker portable air conditioner?

Installation of a portable air conditioner is not that hard, To be honest, all you need to do is set up the hose pipe on the window.

First, you need to place the AC near a window and then take out the hose from the box and unpack it and then attach it to the back of a portable AC.

After attaching the hose to the AC, Then take the other side of the hose and place it in the window slot. Then just plugin and switch it on and start enjoying the fresh air of black and decker AC.

How much electricity does a 8000 BTU portable air conditioner use?

This question is the most important one yet Because every consumer wants to know it before purchasing it.

For 8000 BTU/hr so the consumption is about 640-650 watts while it’s running. If you live in a hot region and the outside temperature is more than 100 degrees. Then automatically your AC unit will run 80% of the time which would be more than 500 hours per month.

If it consumes 374 kwh then it would cost around $30 – $40 a month

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